Man Frees Two Bald Eagles Stuck In a Death Lock After They Fall Into His Pond

Dan Cole came to the rescue of two fighting bald eagles after the raptors became entangled and fell into his pond. He and his wife were watching TV when they noticed the two raptors fighting in the skies above their home.

“Two eagles were fighting above my house near Kachemak Bay, Alaska,” Dan wrote on YouTube. “One buried his talons in the thigh of the other one and they both plummeted into my pond.”

The two birds quickly became waterlogged and risked drowning, so Dan cut a branch and used it to help separate them. His wife filmed him freeing the birds.

After unlocking the birds, one eagle flapped to the other side of the pond. The other bird seemed a little stunned from his ordeal, but Dan said that after a few minutes he recovered and flew away.