Dads Hilarious Rant About Thanksgiving Turkey

A brother and sister filmed the hilarious reaction of their dad after they pranked him by pretending they were going to MICROWAVE the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Video footage captured by Frankie Fardette, 35, shows his dad, also Frank Fardette, on the phone to his daughter Stephanie, 25, who is suggesting rather than deep fry the turkey they should microwave it this year.

An irate Frank, 56, can be seen shouting into the phone ‘Steph for the seventh and eighth time you can’t cook a 25lb turkey in a microwave oven. We’re deep frying the f****** turkey and that’s how it’s going to be. Period.’

When Stephanie protests he continues ‘okay well don’t expect me there. I won’t be coming. I ain’t getting f******* sick. No way.’