Guy Gets Dumped By Girlfriend Before Trip To Japan; Takes Dad Instead And Films Bizarre Music Video

There isn’t much that ABBA doesn’t improve. Just ask Austin Weber. He said he and his girlfriend had planned to visit Japan before she broke up with him, and instead of not going at all, he invited his dad to be his travel buddy.

Whilst it would have been perfectly acceptable for the pair to just have a regular father/son bonding trip over there, instead they decided to use the time to record a Midi version of Abba’s Mamma Mia.

For his one-man music video, Weber, with the filming help of his dad, sings the iconic song all around Kyoto. Whether he’s standing in a river, at the top of a mountain, or exploring the streets of the city, Weber is committed to belting out ABBA no matter where he is or what everybody else is doing around him—and some of them certainly appear to wonder.