Workman Gets Chased Down By Sheep

This is the comical moment a heating engineer who went to ‘save’ his pals from a rampaging sheep was cornered in a van by the woolly fiend – before charging off to pen himself in his vehicle.

Rikki McKay assured his workmates that he would deal with the sheep which was repeatedly headbutting their ladders as they installed a wood burner at a farm in Minishant, South Ayrshire.

But the ex-abattoir worker’s bravado soon turned to fear when the inquisitive mammal dubbed Lamb Lamb trotted up to his van and blocked his way out.

After poking his head out of the door a couple of times 32-year-old Rikki leapt from the van, sprinted to another vehicle and locked the door – with Lamb Lamb in hot pursuit.