Tesla Owner Figures Out A Brilliant Hack To Avoid Parking Tickets

How do you avoid getting a parking ticket in 2-hour parking zones when you’re stuck in your office? Have the car move itself, of course:

A man has shown how he moves his Tesla using the mobile app every two hours to avoid parking fines outside his office. According to the video uploader D Shawn Kennedy, ‘their city started enforcing 2-hour parking. So now he moves his car every 2 hours from his office’. From his office window, Kennedy just commands his Tesla to move to a new spot.

From the beginning of 2019 Tesla cars could, therefore, be able to drive around a car park, find a parking space and confirm that it is a safe and valid place to park. It will also be able to follow you, drive to your phone location and read signs.

Currently, the Tesla Summon feature can enter your garage, park itself and turn itself off. You can also get it to move out of the garage from the mobile out or pull out of or park in a tight spot moving forward or backward.