Fedex Delivery Worker Finds A Baby Crawling In Front Of His Truck And Parents Had No Clue

A footage, shot in Lake Charles, Louisiana, shows how Byron Nash parked up his truck to deliver a parcel to a property when he noticed a child crawling near his wheel.

The child is seen clearly in the footage, dwarfed by the huge wheels of Byron’s truck, as she stares up at him innocently.

While filming the close-call, the astonished driver is heard saying: “This baby is right under my truck and her parents aren’t nowhere to be found! Look at this, this baby is outside by herself.”

Byron then brings the child, and the parcel, to confront a woman – supposed to minding her – who didn’t even know the little girl had ventured out of the house.

He goes to the entrance of the property through the garage to find an open door.

He shouts through: “Hello! Hey! This baby was under my truck!”.

The emerging woman responds: “Oh s***! Oh God!”

Speaking to the woman, he is heard saying that the encounter “scared him at first”, to which she replies: “It would have scared the f*** out of me too, I would have been tripping.”

At the end of the video Byron tells the woman she might want to keep her doors closed, the woman tells him the house belongs to her mother who ‘has everything open, all the doors, all the windows.