Man Snaps $300,000 Sculpture Because He Is ‘Bored’ And Takes Heavy Blow To The Head

A man broke a waterfront sculpture worth around AU$300,000 (nearly US$200,000) while scaling it in Wellington, New Zealand.

The cheeky chappy Kiwi man Hunter Macdonald was enjoying a day off by the waterfront in Wellington, New Zealand, when he came across what – unbeknownst to him – was a piece of art, a metal structure entitled ‘Water Whirler’. So obviously his next logical step was to jump on and clamber up it.

The man was taken to hospital with suspected head injuries and was in a stable condition.

The Water Whirler consists of a motorised pole that emits water into its length as it “oscillates, revolves and gyrates, creating patterns of motion”. The artwork ran in 10-minute cycles but was not operational during the incident.