Fearless Aussie Finds 13ft Carpet Python In Bed Next To Her

A fearless Aussie who woke up next to a giant 13ft snake IN HER BED believes the monstrous serpent was sizing her up for a meal – and she even caught and released it herself.

After feeling something ‘super cold’ press against her back during the night, Katjana Shoyer awoke to discover a horrifically huge 13ft [4m] snake slithering next to her in the sheets.

The 25-year-old from Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia, said her ‘heart stopped’ when she jumped up and saw the gigantic carpet python stretched out on her bed just inches from where she slept.

But while most would be quick to call a snake catcher to come to their rescue, Katjana took matters into her own hands by grabbing a nearby fishing spear and plying the serpent into an empty rubbish bin.