Little Girl Has Adorable Reaction To Being Caught Out For ‘Cupcake Theft’

Dad was shocked when he realized a certain item went missing. Knowing that his daughter was the only other person home, he decided to confront her.

However, he didn’t want to call her out on it directly. Instead, Dad questions her in a way that has her turning herself in for the crime.

Dad holds the camera while he asks his daughter where the missing cupcakes went. While he knows she has something to do it, Dad’s shocked when his little girl fesses up and says she ate all of the cupcakes.

Dad, with quick-thinking, tells her that she will have to go to jail as punishment for her crime. The little girl snaps back, “No, you go to jail!”

What ensues is a hilarious interaction between a dad and daughter. Dad acts as a cop while the little girl becomes “the cupcake thief.”

Dad plays along in the role-play and even requests backup while he tries to capture her.