Girl Rips Off Eyebrows Attempting to Take Off Homemade Mask

In a video that documents the entire saga from start to finish, the woman is seen attempting to remove the DIY mask, which closely resembles the face of the creepy scarecrow character from the Batman movies, and which appears to be glued onto her face.

After declaring to the camera that she has been ‘working so hard to get this off’, the unnamed woman takes a deep breath, and immediately starts trying to pull at the sheet mask – letting out a wail of agony and frustration when it fails to budge.

After a few moments, the woman realizes that the mask is stuck to her eyebrows as she continues to pull to no avail.

After it’s still not off, even after she tries to pull it slowly, the woman goes a different route and decides to rip it. She counts to three and pulls off the mask, which finally comes off after multiple failed attempts. But unfortunately, the woman’s eyebrows weren’t spared and fell victim to the Halloween mask.