Refund, Please: ‘Tomb Raider’ Tattoo Reveal Defies Expectations

One Brazilian tattoo artist decided to have some fun with a customer who came in for a tattoo cover-up in a clip recorded in Itajaí.

The hilarious footage shows a bearded man holding a picture of Lara Croft crossing two guns under her face in one hand, as he looks down at his new tattoo covered by foam on the same arm.

Another person off-camera then uses a tissue to wipe away the foam – only to unveil a shoddy cartoon version which barely resembles the picture he is holding up.

According to the tattooist, the man actually came in to get the amateur ink covered up. Poking fun at the design, he decided to print out the original image and do a faux reveal before giving the man a fresh tattoo that he would be proud to show off.