Business Owner Confronts Burglar Caught Snoozing On His Couch

A burglar broke into a business and made himself right at home. He was so comfortable, he fell asleep on the couch, where the owners found him.

When Melvin and his son, Christopher, opened their doors at their electric company in Espanola Tuesday morning, they knew something was off. After inspecting the office further, workers found a man sleeping on the couch. And recorded their interaction with the man, who was later identified as Juan Lovato.

Police arrived soon after Melvin began his questioning. Lovato told them he thought he was in a hospital and also claims that he was with two buddies, but they weren’t there when he woke up. Police charged Lovato with damaging property and burglary. He did leave behind his discharge paperwork from the hospital. Police said a computer is missing and they’re investigating if two others were involved.