Bus Passenger Uncovers Swarm Of Bedbugs Crawling On Her Seat

This is the stomach-churning moment a bus passenger realised her seat was crawling with thousands of bugs.

Crystal Lopez was the person who shot the video, showing the bugs scampering along the upholstered seatback. Minutes before she had stretched her arm over that seat.

“Right before I was to pull the cord, I feel like this itching, burning feeling on my arm. It was in its entirety from my wrist to my armpit,” Lopez said.
The bus was immediately pulled out of service. Officials said they are also in the process replacing upholstered seats with plastic.

The parasitic insects can spread in public spaces by being passed through personal belongings. This can occur when bags are placed near an infestation and they can be moved around.

Some experts advise to hold your belongings on your lap if you are on public transport.