Man Cheats Death After Swiss Pilot Forgets To Attach Him To Hang-Glider

An American holidaymaker who was hang-gliding for the first time nearly lost his life after the pilot forgot to hook him onto the craft.

Florida-based photographer Chris Gurksy, who was on holiday in Switzerland for the first time with his wife, shared the heart-stopping video footage of the near-death experience. The incident happened on the first day of their trip.

The footage begins with the pilot kicking off from the edge of the mountain, before realising soon after that Mr Gurksy was not attached to it. For 2 Min. 14 seconds he had to hang on for his life! The landing was a rough one, but he lived to tell the story.

Although a “good sport” about the incident, all pilots know how close he was to having a serious accident or worse. Not clipping-in is the worst thing you can do on a hang glider or paraglider, and has led to numerous fatal accidents.