This Car Wash Hires People With Autism And Views It As A Competitive Advantage

It can often be difficult for young adults and adults with autism to find and maintain jobs in today’s job market. Currently, adults with autism and their families are largely left on their own to secure appropriate employment resources and opportunities.

Fortunately, effective services and supports for adults with autism do exist and are expanding and replicating across the country. Innovative business concepts that offer competitive employment are providing our community with hope for the future.

The documentary Sounding the Alarm highlights one such program in Florida. Rising Tide Car Wash, founded by the father and older brother of a young man with autism, is a scalable conveyorized car wash dedicated to the empowerment of individuals with autism.

The Car Wash in Parkland, Florida, has 43 employees, 35 have autism. Instead of viewing the disorder as a disadvantage, this business utilizes it as a strength.