Mustang Torn Apart In A Brutal Street-Racing Crash

This video is a perfect example and a reminder about how an illegal street race could end in disaster in just a matter of seconds if you don’t have enough driving experience and safety tools.

In the footage you can see a heavily-modified third-generation Ford Mustang smashing into a telegraph pole at speed.

The car’s getting out of shape not long after leaving the line, before snapping back and swinging into the pole. The car is ripped open by the force of the impact, which was thankfully on the passenger side of the vehicle. The car didn’t have a roll cage, and the man wasn’t wearing a helmet.

When we all thought that the driver was dead, you can notice the person walking away obviously with the help of someone from his totalled car. The driver miraculously escaped from the accident and has suffered a broken jaw, missing teeth, and a broken shoulder.