Most ‘Unadoptable’ Cat Finally Finds New Forever Home Before Christmas

An ‘unadoptable’ ‘devil cat’ dubbed the UK’s unluckiest moggy after she was left without a home because her bad behaviour meant she kept being sent back by previous adoptees has finally found a new family just in time for Christmas.

Two-year-old white moggy Sky struggled to find a home after attacking children on more than one occasion – meaning cat sanctuary bosses were forced to turn down prospective adoptees from taking her.

Staff at WellCats in Birmingham worried the pet, who also couldn’t be advertised to families with children on their website due to her devilish ways, would be left without a home forever – but luckily they found a family brave enough to take her on.

And since Sky moved in with new owners Ben Clayden and Marsha Goneia, also from Birmingham, she has completely transformed into a happy little moggy.