Lion Cornered By Hyenas Calls For Backup

These hyenas at Kruger National Park were not to have the last laugh on this occasion after they picked on somebody twice their size, and with plenty of options to call for back-up.

Amber Soames was near Satara, in the Kruger National Park, when she filmed this action-packed sighting. The footage shows the moments after a wildebeest was killed, and the predators circled around its dead carcass.

Then the hyenas attempted to pick a fight with their feline rival, realising that they had numbers on their side. There were at least half-a-dozen of the critters trying to bite the lion’s rear and attempting to take a chunk from its legs.

The drama continues as the hunter becomes the hunted: The group of hyenas then have to do their best to avoid becoming a meal for the pride, narrowly escaping the pursuit as the lions re-establish the natural balance.