Bond Between Man And Dog Is Closer Than You Thought – How Canines Hearts Are In Sync With Ours

The bond between man and dog is so close their hearts actually beat in sync when they are together an astounding new study shows. The heart rates of owners and their dogs become lower when they are in close proximity an experiment that saw heart monitors strapped to dogs and their owners found.

The discovery shows dogs have a fundamental role to play in lowering stress says sports scientist Dr Craig Duncan.

The video captures the results, which are unsurprising to anyone who’s ever unwound with a pooch in his or her lap: Humans and canines are calmer in each other’s company. What’s less obvious, and harder to believe, is that their heart rates seem to sync up.

Sweeping conclusions aside, the clip is also full of touching personal, emotional moments explaining why the dogs matter so much to their owners: A deaf woman takes cues about her surroundings from her pet; a man who suffered a construction injury finds a way to reduce his anxiety and depression; and a teenage girl, mourning the loss of her family’s previous dog, finally succumbs to the relentless charms of their new one.