Young Boy Picked Up An Old Painting For $2 – But Then He Learned Its Astounding True Value

When one young boy turned up to Antiques Roadshow with an old painting he’d purchased for just $2, people presumably wrote his purchase off. However, he was confident in his discovery, certain it was worth $150. And much to his delight, it turned out the artwork was worth a lot more.

Explaining how he came to buy the painting, the small boy revealed, “This piece was found at an auction down the South Jersey. It was so hot there, my dad didn’t want to stay to get it, but I wanted to.”

So after waiting for about an hour, the preteen was able to bag the picture for just $2. At the time, the youngster had suspected it was a watercolor. However, because of the glass that framed it, it was hard to tell.

However, during his appraisal, Weiss was able to confirm that the picture was indeed a watercolor. And he was also able to clarify a small signature in the bottom, right-hand corner of the image. Before the appraisal, the boy had only been able to identify it as Albert