World’s Strongest Toe Wrestler Tries Insuring It For £1m

A man who claims to have the ‘World’s Strongest Toe’ has tried to insure it for a stomping £1 million after breaking all but one toe – but says he was rebuffed as they ‘didn’t take him seriously’.

Alan ‘Nasty’ Nash’s, 59, toe is the destructive tool that nailed him a record-breaking 15 toe wrestling world championship titles – no small feat for his bone-crunching size 11 feet.

The champion, from Stoke-on-Trent, says he’s yet to find someone able to go toe-for-toe against him despite breaking all but one of his ten toes over 25 years in the sport.

The ve-toe-ran says he had his second toe surgically removed and its bone ground down to a powder after suffering bone crunching injuries in the 1997 championship.