Woman Rubs Feces On Neighbor’s Door After Dog Poops In Her Yard

Finding dog poop in your yard can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you don’t even have a dog.

Well, one woman’s frustration boiled over and she took action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
The homeowners looked back at their security tape and found out it was their neighbor Brenda Mullins. Mullins is not denying it.

“The dog came and messed in my yard,” Mullins said. “I picked it up and went and put it on her doorknob. You didn’t want to clean it up here. You will clean it up there.”

Mullins says her neighbors have been letting their dog use her yard as a toilet for a long time and she finally snapped.

The neighbors say they wished she would’ve talked to them first.

No criminal charges have been filed at this time.