Woman Refuses To Give Seat Up For Man On Wheelchair

There are some cold-hearted people in this world and this woman tops today’s list.

Video shows a woman sitting in the handicapped reserved section of a Los Angeles bus and refusing to give up her spot for a wheelchair-bound man.

The furious passenger tells the lady: ‘You’re out of line,’ and the woman who refuses to move replies: ‘I don’t care!’ The passenger then claps back: ‘I know you don’t!’

Other commuters even offer to give up their seats for the woman in attempts to make peace and provide room for the disabled man, who still stuck out in the heat during the dispute.

Still, the stubborn woman shakes her head and refuses to relocate.

About 10 minutes pass and the bus still stays parked before passengers become even more enraged.

Eventually, the bus moves off as the upset passengers talk about how they “feel so sorry” for the man left outside in the “burning” heat.