Woman Looses It When Daughter Is Not Allowed To Pet A Service Dog

A woman made no attempt to hold back her anger after her daughter was refused permission to pet a service dog.

In the altercation Megan Stoff was with a golden retriever, Nala, in a busy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shopping mall, when a mother and her young daughter approached them.

Asking if her daughter could pet the working pooch, Megan and a co-worker told the mother ‘no’, as petting a service dog can interfere with its training.

After the mother had been turned away she came back with her child under her arm and proceeded to argue that the handler could have been more polite with her response, and that there should be a sign to warn people they can’t stroke the dog.

Which might have been a valid argument, if the hard working animal apparently wasn’t already wearing signs saying ‘don’t pet’.

She spent a good minute or so fighting her case, though the daughter didn’t even seem that bothered. In fact it was the mother who apparently started crying as a result of the situation, and she even got mall security involved. It seems like maybe she was the one who wanted to stroke the dog, and was just using her child as an excuse.