Woman Gets ‘Engaged’ To 28in Wide Chandelier Named Lumiere – But She Takes A Different One To Bed

A woman has fallen madly in love with her collection of chandeliers – and is even “engaged” to one of them.

Amanda Liberty, 33, from Leeds, has embarked on an open relationship with the chandeliers, and is now “engaged” to a 28in wide chandelier named Lumiere, after spotting it on eBay.

She claims it was love at first sight and after spending £400 on the antique from Germany, Lumiere is regularly showered with cuddles and kisses. However, she prefers to spend her nights cuddled up to Jewel, a portable chandelier that she happily tucks in to bed with her.

Lumiere and Jewel are part of a 25-strong chandelier collection that Amanda owns, and even though she is only ‘engaged’ to Lumiere, she considers herself to be in an ‘open relationship’ with the others.