Wedding Guests Wear Blindfolds To Support Blind Bride

Australian bride Stephanie Agnew, 32, married the love of her life, Robbie Campbell, in a ceremony that looked similar to hundreds of others across the country, until you took a look at the assembled guests. Instead of watching the ceremony in Maleny, Queensland, unfold, the 54 guests were asked to wear blindfolds so they could experience each moment just like the bride – without sight.

Stephanie, lost her sight when she was 27 after suffering cone-rod dystrophy, an inherited eye disorder which impacts the retina. The massage therapist from South Melbourne, has gradually lost her vision due to the condition Cone-Rod Dystrophy.

Ms Agnew and her mother both have Cone-Rod Dystrophy – the condition leaving Ms Agnew only able to see some light and dark shapes and her mother completely blind.

The couple’s photographer, James Day, added to the tactile element by giving Steph different pieces of fabric infused with different essential oils so that she could be reminded of different parts of the day in the future. Mr Day has also written detailed descriptions of his photographs so Steph can imagine what they look like.

An owl also delivered the rings to Steph so she could also experience the touch of the bird.