US Mum Sparks Outrage After Video Surfaces Of Her 9-Year-Old Son Getting A Tattoo On His Arm

This is the moment a 9-year-old boy gets a tattoo from a 16-year-old while sitting on a red-haired woman’s lap. The boy, from Ohio, is seen chatting and looking calm while being inked.

Taking to Facebook, a woman who said she was the mother of the girl appearing in the video wrote: “[My daughter] made a bad choice by being involved with it but she did nothing else wrong. Since everyone has something to say. But really this child is not abused nor neglected.

“Does his mother make bad decisions? Yes. But when you got people beating up old people and people actually abusing their kids no one says nothing.”

Police visited the child’s home Monday night and found the boy was not in distress. Investigators said the mother was apparently aware of the incident and approved it.

“The child had actually said he asked for the tattoo,” said Lt. Rick Herring of Bellefontaine Police. Police said the person applying the tattoo was 16 years old.