Town In California Chooses Max The Golden Retriever To Be Its Mayor

A golden retriever has become a town’s newly elected mayor. Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II, but more commonly known as Mayor Max, is the new top dog in the picturesque mountainside town of Idyllwild,California.

His duties include cruising around in a personalised pickup truck, promising to promote the mountain community, support commissioners in their projects, be present at community events such as festivals and parades, do his best to accept invitations for official visits, and speak out on behalf of the animals of the mountain, domesticated and non-domesticated.

Idyllwild is a non-incorporated town, meaning they aren’t eligible for ordinary municipal elections. But frankly who wants ordinary municipal elections when you can see Max patrolling about and turning up to ribbon-cuttings?

When his duties get a little overwhelming, Max can always count on his two deputy mayors, Mikey and Mitzi, who are also dogs.

The town held their an animal election in 2012, when 14 cats and 2 dogs ran for the place of mayor.

Mayor Max I, who has since passed away, won a landslide victory and was elected with two thirds of the constituents vote.