Tourist Nearly Eaten By Whale Shark In Amazing Close Encounter

This tourist who has lived with a life-long fear of sharks was nearly sucked into the mouth of one, when he encountered a feeding whale shark during a holiday snorkel.

49-Year-Old Geir Johansen from Trondheim, Norway, has travelled all over the world – but in his near five-decades of doing so, he’s been plagued a crippling fear of being attacked by sharks.

Only venturing into the waters if he’s assured there have been no sightings in the area, Geir decided to snorkel off the coast of Oslob, in the Philippines but quickly found himself in the midst of his worst nightmare: a shark attack – of sorts.

Tentatively dipping his head beneath the surface, Geir tries to catch a glimpse of the magnificent whale shark swimming below him, but was given a freight to see just how close he was to it.