Timelapse Shows Morning Routine From Quadriplegic’s Daily Life

A quadriplegic has revealed timelapse footage documenting his daily routine – from getting out of bed to being washed and dressed.

Californian Zack Collie, 24, has shared intimate moments of his day-to-day struggles to raise awareness of his journey and open up about the struggles he faces.

Filmed at his parents home, the video shows Zack’s mum Amber, 46, and dad Adron, 48 assisting him out of bed and into a wheelchair, before undressing him, enabling him to shower, and putting toothbrush on his toothpaste in an hour and a half long process.

Zack, who was paralysed eight years ago aged 15 after diving into a wave headfirst and hitting a sandbank and has no movement below his neck, said the injury has enabled him to become closer to his parents.