This Dude Is Fed Up With Women And Their Eyebrows

When Gary Meikle complained about 23-year-old Ainsley’s obsession with having “bangin” brows, he had no idea so many people would share his pain. More than fifteen million views and thousands of comments and shares later, he has become an unofficial anti-brow ambassador.

He begins by talking about his 23-year-old daughter’s obsession with eyebrows before making the point that men don’t care about the facial feature.

In the film, he complains: “I’ve got a 23-year-old daughter who still lives at home and the hardest part of that, without a shadow of a doubt, is constantly having to remind and reassure her that her eyebrows are bangin’.

“What’s happening ladies? When did eyebrows become the most important part of a woman’s body?

“Now it’s constantly: ‘Do you like my eyebrows Dad, do you like my eyebrows?'”