This Annoying Jerk Customer Films His Own Embarrassment

The clip starts with the male customer trying to get an exception to order a kid’s meal. Since the crew can’t grant it, he talks to the store manager.

The manager then tells him no, a lot of times, but he didn’t accept. He kept blaming the store for providing a kid’s menu.

The manager, respecting the customer, finally says yes. The jerk then turned the camera to himself boasting how he managed to get a store into allowing him to order a menu for kids 10 years and below.

They got their order, but not like how they expected it. Their order didn’t came with a free drink and so they had to pay for it, but he didn’t want to.

He kept insisting to only pay for the meal and not the drink he already consumed. The manager then called for an officer and the issue was resolved.

In the end, the annoying customer filmed his own embarrassment.