Thieves Steal £80,000 Tesla In Just 60 Seconds!

A disabled man who uses a wheelchair after a car accident in 2011, handed police CCTV of thieves stealing his £80,000 Tesla only to be told there was ‘not enough evidence’ to help find the culprits.

Keyless car crooks took just 120 seconds to steal Cristian Brownlee’s Model S using gadgets which can be bought online for just £80. CCTV shows two people near Mr Brownlee’s home in Bexley, southeast London, stealing his car using a ‘relay’ technique. The technique tricks the car into thinking the car key fob is next to the vehicle and the doors unlock.

But despite obtaining super-crisp CCTV of the masked thieves taking the car and a perfect footprint from mud in his garden, it took 10 days for police to even visit. They then told the 29-year-old businessman that officers couldn’t identify the men from the CCTV so the case was closed.