There’s A Park Full Of 900 Dogs In Costa Rica, And It’s Just As Magical As You’d Think

It sounds like something out of a dog lover’s fantasy, but it is totally real. A private organization called Territorio De Zaguates (which translates to Land of the Strays) is a unique no-kill shelter in Costa Rica that has over nine-hundred adoptable dogs.

Instead of locking the dogs in kennels or cages, the shelter allows these lucky dogs to run free in a giant dog park. It is a dream come true for dog lovers.

As soon as the dogs come to Territorio de Zaguates, they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and rid them of any parasites.

Perhaps the best part of Territorio De Zaguates is that all the pups are adoptable. However, the shelter says finding homes for these dogs is difficult because they are mixed-breed, and many people are interested in purebred dogs only.

Territorio De Zaguates came up with a innovative solution, making up creative breed names and giving them to the dogs. Now instead of calling the mixed dogs “mutts,” you have a “unique breed.”