The Rooster Who Nearly Died And Rose Again Stronger Than Ever

Poodle Roo wouldn’t return to his coop at night, and his keepers at Apricot Lane Farms couldn’t figure out why. After all, the coop is a safe haven for roosters like him, a way to avoid the dangers lurking in the night.

The search parties got old, so the farmers set up a separate space for him in the barn. Eventually, though, it was time for Poodle Roo to give life in the coop another try. His first night back, however, his fellow roosters brutally attacked him. He lost so much blood that he nearly died.

But for Poodle Roo, this trauma wasn’t the end—it was a new beginning.

Find out how the partially deaf and blind little rooster found confidence, meaning and a new purpose in helping other barnyard animals heal.