Teen Wakes Up To Snake On Dressing Table

A frightened teen has recalled her horror of waking up to a GIANT SNAKE in her bedroom – which could have been lurking under her bed for days.

After being jolted awake at 3am by a deafening crash, Ashleigh Muller from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, jumped out of bed to investigate the source of the mysterious noise – but was not prepared for what greeted her.

As she turned on the light, the 19-year-old receptionist said her “heart stopped” as she came face-to face with a 4ft 9in [1.5 metre] carpet python – which was “intently staring” straight at her from the dressing table.

Despite being numb with “fear and shock”, Ashleigh sprinted to her parent’s bedroom for help – and they then wasted no time calling a local snake catcher to come to the rescue.