Stray Dogs Fed and Cared For During ‘Day of the Dog’ Festival

Nepal celebrated the ‘Day of the Dog’ honouring dogs from every walk of life, including stray and abandoned dogs, who were fed and treated by vets. The festival day of Kukur Tihar.

The second day of the five day long Yama Panchak is being celebrated among the Hindu communities worshiping the dogs. As the day Kukur Tihar is devoted to dogs, which is considered as the messenger of death or Yamaraj, people worship the dogs wearing garlands of flowers, putting Tika on their foreheads and receiving delicious foods.

The festival was celebrated at the animal welfare organisation Animal Nepal, which takes care of stray and abandoned dogs from the streets.

The dogs are used to be worshipped as the representation of the Hindu god Bhairav on the second day of five day long Tihar.