Selfie Saves Man From A 99 Year Jail Sentence After His Ex Falsely Accuses Him Of Rape

Cristopher Precopia went to work at a lumber yard in Georgetown. By the end of the day, he was in jail facing 99 years in prison. But he didn’t know why police come to his work and arrested him. Precopia later found out his ex-girlfriend from high school had gone to the cops with a fabricated tale.

The accuser said Precopia broke into her home in Temple and sliced an X into her chest with a box cutter. Her identity is not being made public because she is not being charged with a crime. She would later admit to Temple police that she reported Precopia because she had a rocky relationship with him several years earlier.

He was charged with first-degree felony burglary of a habitation, with intent to commit additional felonies, according to the police affidavit.

Luckily for the lumberyard worker, on the night of the alleged attack, Precopia was actually 65 miles away at a hotel in Austin with his mum, Erin Precopia. And, he had taken a selfie of himself with his family that evening, which he posted on social media.

Cops finally dropped the charges against Precopia nine months after his arrest when his lawyer took the alibi evidence – the selfie – to Bell County prosecutors.