One Legged Boy Skates Again After Getting Prosthetic Leg

A one legged boy skates again after getting a prosthetic leg, in this sweet story about a boy who was given a second chance at enjoying his hobby.

Alrey Codilla Toring, 13, was born without a right foot and his lower leg not was not properly former due to a congenital defect.

He needed a crutch to walk and was teased by classmates who branded him ”disabled” and bullied him by hiding his pens during his classes at his school in Iligan City, Philippines.

But after his mother walked out on the family last year, Alrey persuaded his father to let him have a skateboard, like his friends had.

Despite his dad’s concerns about him being injured, Alrey was given a board and practiced by kneeling down and balancing with one leg.

He finally received a prosthetic limb in August, and now just two months later, the teenager can whizz around the ramps, grind rails, and jump down steps at his local skatepark.