Nepalese Tribesmen Risk Their Lives To Harvest Hallucinogenic Honey

This interesting film takes place in the heart of Nepal where there is an unusual tribe of honey hunters called Gurung.

These people are reserved and discreet and they live almost cut off from the rest of the world, on top of one of the highest peaks. There are only about 150 inhabitants in this village including many elderly but healthy people.

They are almost entirely self-sufficient as they grow vegetables, corn, and rice. They also raise cows, goats, and sheep whose wool is used to make clothes.

In these high forests live a certain kind of bee, the world’s largest honey bee – The Giant Bee of Himalayas (up to 3 cm length) – are found in huge nests built on the overhanging rocks of cliff faces.

These nests can reach up to 5 feet in diameter and each of these nests can contain about 60 kg of honey!

The honey made by these bees is a product that comes from the nectar of kinds of poisonous flowers. That is probably what makes this honey – Red Honey – medicinal, intoxicating and hallucinogenic.