Mum Claims She Was ‘Assaulted’ With Tin Of Baby Formula By Shopper

A horrified mum says she no longer feels safe shopping at Woolworths after claiming she was ‘violently assaulted’ with a tin of BABY FORMULA.

Mum-of-one Catherine Urriola claims to have encountered ‘chaotic scenes’ involving a frantic mob of shoppers ‘desperately’ grabbing tins of baby formula before it could even be stocked on the shelves at her local Dandenong Woolworths supermarket in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia earlier this month.

The shocked 34-year-old said she ‘couldn’t believe’ what she was seeing and decided to film the mob of ‘around 30 crazed shoppers’ with her phone – but was horrified after she claims one man ‘violently’ pushed her and threw a tin of baby formula in her face.

Sales representative Catherine said: “I decided to go into Woolworths later one night, it was about 830pm. I just wanted to grab a few things, but I noticed all these shoppers running through the store.