Millionaire Aristocrat Aged 72 Reveals His Search For A Wife To Give Him An Heir

A millionaire aristocrat has announced he is still looking for a young wife capable of giving him heirs.

When the eccentric descendant of King Charles II, Sir Benjamin Slade, 72, first announced that it was time for him to settle down a year ago, he made it clear that it wouldn’t be with just anyone – telling This Morning that the ideal woman would be under 5ft 6in and in her 30s to 40s.

Now the aristocrat has appeared on Good Morning Britain to confirm his search has so far proved fruitless, but that he was trying to be less aggressive.

have changed my spiel, I now say I want romance, I want to give you my credit card so you can shop until you drop,’ he said.

‘I want to take you to exotic places and I love gorgeous meals and I rush off on secret holidays. So that’s the sales spiel, I can change it,’ he said.
Sir Benjamin, who is a descendant of King Charles II, lives at the 13th-century Maunsel House and also owns Woodlands Castle, also in Somerset.

He runs several businesses including a wedding venue and a B&B, and is hoping that his ideal partner would be able to take over the managment.
According to Sir Benjamin, he hasn’t found the right woman yet simply because, although he’s been looking “very hard,” many are too old and don’t want children.

Although other requirements are negotiable, such as being able to fly a helicopter, the baronet said it is time to “have a future” as he’s never had a family and wouldn’t be able to adopt because of his age.