Man Has Been Eating Sausages And Potato Chips Every Day For The Last 22 Years

A dad-of-two is begging for assist to treatment his eating disorder which has seen him eat sausage and chips for dinner on a daily basis – for 22 YEARS.

Daniel Pennock, 26, ate a varied diet as a baby however on the age of 4 stopped tucking into all other foods – aside from bangers and fries – for his night meal.

He claims to be physically in poor health when any other foods – aside from bread, crisps, apples, bananas and sausage rolls – come anywhere near his lips. The unusual habit has seen him pile at the pounds and cost him relationships with former girlfriends who were given fed-up because he has NEVER eaten out.

However the lifeguard – who desires to turn into a personal trainer – is begging for pro help to tackle his limited diet so he can live a “normal” life.