Man Captures Moment ‘Car-Sized’ Lava Bombs Plummet Towards Boat As Volcano Erupts

A sightseeing trip almost ended in disaster when huge lava bombs came crashing down around a tourist boat. Thrill seeker Matthew Davison, 34, captured the sudden eruption from the Anak Krakatau volcano near Jakarta, Indonesia, from the boat.

Davison, who is something of a ‘volcano chaser’ was keen to be there because he’d heard that the area was particularly active but he got more than he bargained as the volcano began to erupt, spewing out a thick plume of ash and ‘lava bombs the size of cars’.

As he was filming huge chunks of debris came hurtling towards the tiny boat, putting the passengers and crew in grave danger.

It was a miracle the none of the huge chunks of pumice stone landed on the boat.

Davison described the eruption as both “dangerous and mesmerising” and said he enjoyed “a cold beer to calm his nerves” after the event.