Man Builds 500,000 Gallon Pool He Dreamed Of As a Child

It started way back in 1992 when Micky Thornton moved to Covington, Tennessee and planned to build a backyard pool for his family. He actually wanted one since he was 9 years old.Micky started to work on realizing his dream on labor day of 1993, at the age of 39; but his wife also even reminded not to build it next to their house.

The humble beginnings of his work started with a 20 feet deep hole lined with a polyethylene mat. His hard work, effort, and money was invested on his backyard masterpiece for the next 20 years then.

What he ended up building is a pond-sized playground made up of 320 yards of gunite, 40,000 pounds of steel rebar, rock-lined waterfalls, sprayers and, by his estimate, more than half a million gallons of water.It didn’t look like this when work started on Labor Day of 1993. The initial hole was more than 20 feet deep and lined with a polyethylene mat.

It was finally completed in the year 2013. In the end, the family pool, in fact, turned into something great and viral worthy over the internet! This is what you call dream big and reach for your dreams!