Guy Barbecues Hot Dogs Right Outside Of An Animal Rights Protest

In Canada, animal rights activists protest Fearman’s Slaughterhouse by holding vigils in the street. Until one man starts to barbecue hot dogs on a grill across the street and gleefully gives hot dogs away to passerby.

In the video, which has caused much debate on social media, a group of animal right’s activists are stopping trucks filled with pigs on the way to slaughter at a Fearmans slaughterhouse.

One of the activists then draws attention to a group of people across the road grilling hot dogs and giving them out for free – even offering the activists some.

The video goes a few hours back then, when we can meet the hot dog barbecue organizer.

The men and a few of his friends said that he organizes the barbecues outside the slaughterhouse regularly, and he hosts them at the same time when the animal’s rights activists host their protests.

The man seems to take joy in the fact that he’s grilling the meat in front of the activists and he serves it to the passers-by while the activist can only look in disgust.

He was approached by a few activists in the video, but the situation didn’t get confrontational and he eventually admitted defeat.

He said that ‘they won this round’, implying that he will be back to antagonize people again.