Football Player Jumps Over Wall To Celebrate Winner And It Ends Terribly

FC Zurich player Benjamin Kololli’s goal celebrations didn’t exactly go to plan during the team’s game against AEK Larnaca.

After Benjamin Kololli buried his 61st minute penalty, he ran towards the visiting section to celebrate with the FC Zurich supporters. He just didn’t realize that there was a huge drop beyond the wall.

Clearing the first barrier, the player hopped up on to the second wall ready to land safely on the nearby ground, but unfortunately he had misjudged the depth of the drop.

As his teammates rushed to his aid, they looked over the ledge to see that Kololli was fine and laughed as they helped him back to the pitch.

Thankfully the player wasn’t injured, though he did look a bit shaken after he was pulled up from the floor. He shook it off, powered on and continued to play the remainder of the game.