Filmmakers Caught Themselves In Sudden Terrifying Avalanche

A group of Spanish filmmakers documented first-hand the terrifying reality of being caught in the path of an avalanche – after a sudden cascade of snow hurtled towards them during a Pakistani hike.

By the time Paco Roses, 52, and his documentary crew realised an avalanche was breaking before them in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan, it was already too late.

A thick and ferocious stream of snow and rock can be seen cascading down the mountainside directly towards them, and in seconds they’re consumed in a deadly mist of white.

Attempting the shield themselves from the slide’s force by seeking shelter behind some rocks, Paco and his crew are lacerated by ice and rock for more than a minute, as Paco and his colleague Marta, 31, call out to the three other crew members without a response.