Fearless 83-Year-Old Customer Fight Off Armed Robbers

An 83-year-old man has been hailed as a “total hero” for his role in helping to foil an attempted armed robbery of a bookmakers in Ireland.

At the start of the clip punters are seen watching TV screens while the shop manager, Tim Murphy, sits behind a counter.

Suddenly, three attackers armed with a shotgun and two hammers, climbed over the desk to confront shop manager Tim Murphy, while the apparent gunman pointed his weapon to 83-year-old Mr O’Connor. But Mr O’Connor, a retired mechanic-fitter from Glanmire, ignored the weapon and calmly walked behind the desk to help Mr Murphy.

Mr O’Connor then picks up a chair to chase two of the thugs away, before the third gives up trying to overcome Mr Murphy and heads towards the door. On his way out the great-grandfather gives him a firm kick in the backside.