Family Trick Little Brother Into Thinking He’s Invisible

People have been pranking their little siblings, or friends, tricking them into believing they are invisible. Overall, the videos give the vibe of something entertaining and fun, and then things get real where the people being pranked start freaking out about the fact that they are, in fact, ‘invisible’.

This family recorded Sammy sitting down on the sofa beneath a sheet that was being held by this older brother. He believed his brother was performing a magic trick on him and was going to turn him invisible.

Like any 13-year-old would, Sammy went along with it and it and trusted his big brother. Once the sheet was lifted, Sammy heard the roars and shocking exclamation from his family members, reassuring him that indeed, his brother had actually made him invisible. The teen had no idea he was actually being pranked, and well, his siblings were being just that, siblings.